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adam supports thousands of SMEs and sole traders that provide passenger transport services with accessing public sector contracts via its SProc.Net platform. Approved transport providers gain access to home-to-school and ad-hoc adult transport route opportunities in a fully transparent and efficient manner. 

You can view the adam customers available to register against below. Click into a customer’s link to read more about the opportunity and what it is that you will need to become an approved transport provider.

Our customers using this service


Becoming an approved passenger transport provider to the public sector via adam’s platform offers several benefits. 

Full transparency over contracts being awarded

Receive instant notifications of new route opportunities

Efficient and streamlined payments

Access to dedicated system support

Open for new suppliers to join at any time

Don't just take our word for it

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    A1 Eden Cars
    Surrey County Council Transport Provider

    I found it quite comfortable to use. You can see that the design of the software inspires confidence in users, and I really appreciated the human touch element of the help system - it was easy to use.

    The information we receive from adam is far more straightforward than the previous system. It makes my life easier and much more efficient.

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    East Sussex County Council Transport Provider
    Company Director

    Your support has been amazing and your technical staff are great - they really know their stuff and get back straight away.

  • Placeholder profile picture
    Ian Fraser
    Strategic Transport Lead at Milton Keynes Council

    We feel we work in partnership with adam and we’re not just a customer.

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    Cumbria County Council Home Care Provider
    Registered Manager

    The new system for invoicing is a Godsend. Previously I had to physically produce the invoice and there was no standard way for it to be dealt with, meaning invoices could be lost and it was a nightmare keeping track of them. Now I know exactly where my cashflow is, and the payment times are brilliant.

  • Placeholder profile picture
    Dionne Nicholson
    Financial Administrator, Kingsley Nursing Homes Ltd, Southport

    I believe that the adam system has been a positive for small nursing homes such as Kingsley. This change has allowed all homes, no matter how large, to actively seek new user packages.

  • Placeholder profile picture
    London Borough of Newham Housing Provider

    The support team are very helpful. The few times I had to contact them I got answers and help I needed almost straight away.

    The system is very intuitive for sure. I really like it and have had no issues with it at all. The homepage is a big bonus for me as it shows you all you need to know. This, and the tabs along the top make it clear and simple to navigate.

  • Placeholder profile picture
    London Borough of Haringey Housing Provider

    The system is very user friendly and easy on the eye. It's simple to use and intuitive. I'm still fairly new to it but it's a good system and I'm happy with it.

    The help and support is really good. Any issue or question I had I knew I'd be able to ask and get help, so that was quite reassuring.

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