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What is the opportunity?

London Borough of Haringey use the SProc.Net portal for their Passenger Transport Services 2019 category. This is a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), allowing any provider who meets the criteria to offer their services to London Borough of Haringey.

Through the introduction of more choice in the market, Haringey are ensuring that they follow best procurement practice by allowing healthy competition for each requirement. The DPS will provide an efficient, compliant procurement process for Haringey's Passenger Transport Services and deliver best value for the Borough, taking into consideration cost and quality of service.

If you are a provider of Passenger Transport and wish to join the portal, please view the below walkthrough video and documentation to find out more.


Becoming an approved Passenger Transport Services supplier for London Borough of Haringey via their DPS hosted on SProc.Net offers several benefits.

Full transparency over contracts being awarded

Receive instant notifications of new route opportunities

Efficient and streamlined payments

Access to dedicated system support

Open for new suppliers to join at any time

Market Shaping

Est. Annual Spend: £3.7m

Minibus - 58%
Taxi & Minicab - 23%
MPV/People Carrier - 7%
Minicoach - 6%
Travel Buddy - 5%
Coach Escort - <0%

The estimated annual spend breakdown for this opportunity is listed within the accompanying bar chart. This is taken from the last calendar year and is subject to changing demand. 

For further information on the expected future needs of the market for this service area, please speak to the Public Sector authority directly or view the latest Market Position Statement below (if available)