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The adam partner network

Supporting adam in facilitating Good Government across our sectors


YPO are a purchasing organisation owned and run for the benefit of the public sector. They supply products and services to a wide range of customers including schools, local authorities, charities, emergency services, the public sector and other businesses such as nurseries and care homes.

adam works in partnership with YPO to deliver successful frameworks for managed Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Care Technology. This has enabled customers to procure these systems easily and compliantly without the need to undertake any further procurement or competition.


G-Cloud 12 Framework

G-Cloud 12 is a fast and easy framework from the Crown Commercial Service, enabling UK public sector organisations to procure cloud hosting, software, and allied support. This includes maximum agreement lengths of up to two years (with the option for two additional extensions of 12 months each) for supplying services under specific pre-agreed terms. The new framework includes transparent pricing documents and supplier services definitions, which allows buyers to easily plan costs and services before contacting suppliers.

adam’s full suite of innovative and exciting products and managed services can be purchased via the framework. This includes specialist cloud-based, dynamic purchasing systems and procurement tools.

The ordering process couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is take part in the Crown Commercial Service’s six-step buying process. Then, should you wish to order from adam, please get in touch via or phone 0800 988 2326 and we will discuss and agree the scope of works before confirming the costs with you.

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The London Construction Programme (LCP)

Established in 2012, The London Construction Programme (LCP) is a virtual organisation of over 40 public sector institutions, governed by London Borough of Haringey. The LCP (covers a Minor Works and Professional Services DPS and a Major Works Framework) are in partnership with adam, the digital commissioning market leaders.

adam are proud to partner with the LCP and have been rapidly improving the digital processes for the construction industry.


Improved Continuing Healthcare

NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) is one of the largest CSUs in the country providing services to 50 CCGs as well as NHS providers, local authorities and other public sector organisations across the country.

We have worked with the MLCSU for over five years to design and develop technology that meets theirs and their partners’ needs (including 25 CCGs). As a result, CHC performance has improved for the benefit of CHC patients and providers. Now CCGs and CSUs can access technology that meets all the global requirements of the digital CHC specification.

“It is one of the best systems MLCSU have implemented.” – MLCSU

​WREN Housing Solution

The WREN Housing Solution was founded by four London Boroughs (Enfield, Redbridge, Newham and Waltham Forest) and is a collaboration of councils and suppliers working closely together towards a better solution for housing homeless families in and around London.

The work adam has done with WREN Housing Solutions is a perfect example of the benefits that come from council collaboration. Traditionally, councils compete to obtain accommodation in what is a very challenging market. However, working together has allowed the four Boroughs to combine resources and knowledge in order to create a single market that can be managed as one. Working with the adam platform, WREN Housing Solutions has developed a more diverse, more responsive market that is capable of delivering against their collective goals.

WREN Case Study


We are delighted to have been awarded a place on NHS England’s Health Systems Support Framework. adam joins a select group of providers chosen from across the UK to offer services in the system optimisation service category and Digital CHC service line. Along with a host of other benefits, CCGs can get faster eligibility decisions, improved quality of care, and greater value for money by giving their staff access to adam’s digital CHC solution.